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Harbert Hills Academy

Fulfilling God’s Plan for Education
We are committed to fully demonstrating God’s plan for education: focusing on character development, academic excellence, and applied skills, to enable self-reliance and to know the joy of unselfish service.
Recent News

The 2014 – 2015 school year is now under way with two weeks behind us. Some students needing visa’s are still scheduled to arrive as soon as the final documents get in their hands. This school year we will host students from over 10 countries. The count will be...

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Since the mid 1980’s Harbert Hills Academy has enjoyed the use of a swimming pool built by the Alumni Association. However time and circumstances have their way and the pool had developed some leakage issues along with needing new paint...

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Near the middle of the second week of school the staff had scheduled a special outing. The students and staff left after breakfast to enjoy a day of fellowship and fun at the local Pickwick Sate Park. Boating with tube rides as well as games and plenty...

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I have learned the real purpose of believing in God. It is good to be in this school because I am getting training in the Nursing Home that will help me in my future work. God has also used this experience to inspire me to commit my life to mission work and has taught me patience.

Sujin Bae, Senior from Japan