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Harbert Hills Academy

Fulfilling God’s Plan for Education
We are committed to fully demonstrating God’s plan for education: focusing on character development, academic excellence, and applied skills, to enable self-reliance and to know the joy of unselfish service.
Recent News

It was very early Monday morning and all the students and staff were loaded in vehicles heading to Clarksville, TN. In Clarksville, we made a base at the Seventh-Day Adventist church to eat breakfast and play a few outdoor games. The students were able to play...

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Since the mid 1980’s Harbert Hills Academy has enjoyed the use of a swimming pool built by the Alumni Association. However time and circumstances have their way and the pool had developed some leakage issues along with needing new paint...

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Near the middle of the second week of school the staff had scheduled a special outing. The students and staff left after breakfast to enjoy a day of fellowship and fun at the local Pickwick Sate Park. Boating with tube rides as well as games and plenty...

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I have learned how God really answers prayers. I knew it was impossible for me to come here but I prayed and put some dates on my calendar and told God that if it was his will for me to come here that He would provide the funds by that day. God blessed and I am here at Harbert Hills. God really cares for us and He is always there answering our prayers and increasing our faith.

Clara Curca, new student from Romania