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Mike Manuel Mission Fund

The untimely death of Mike has left a void in the mission work at Harbert Hills. The family, spearheaded by his sister Marlynn (Manuel) Banta, has decided to establish a special fund for missions in memory of Mike. "The Magenlino (Mr. Mike) Manuel Missions Fund". The objective is "To provide financial support for students and staff of Harbert Hills Academy who cannot afford to participate in school-approved mission trips."

New Girls Dorm $1,200,000 $1,030,000 $170,000

Ever since the first girl, Mary Morris, came to attend Harbert Hills in 1960, the girls have been living in homes, which have been modified to function as dormitories. After many years of preparation, construction of the new girl’s dorm is underway. The roof is on the windows are installed and all of the exterior brick work is complete. In addition the interior framing is over 50 percent complete and the electrical wiring and plumbing are scheduled to begin soon. Step by step we are working to complete this much-needed addition to our campus. So, please pray for this large project, and ask the Lord what you can do to help the new dorm become a reality.

Campus Technology $60,000 $25,000 $35,000

Computers and their associated technology are here to stay in our world. Harbert Hills Academy has a computer lab that needs to be upgraded along with the need to install the backbone infrastructure across campus to serve the needs of keeping everything connected. This project will also include needed current software upgrades and supplying each student with an ipad or tablet device for use as a textbook resource, and classroom-working device. These upgrades are needed to keep pace with teaching technology that our students need to know. Please consider a gift to this worthwhile endeavor.

Sewer System Upgrade $85,000 $18,000 $67,000

The campus sewer system was installed in 1969 and has served well over the years but is currently in desperate need of being rehabilitated to meet current increased demands and regulations. This project will provide for the continued operation of the system over the next several decades. Your gift will make a difference in the continued operation of Harbert Hills Academy.

School Orchard/Garden $35,000 $30,000 $5,000

The high costs of food and the need to enhance the teaching and learning environment for students has encouraged us to begin investing in our agriculture program. This will include providing a facility for processing and preparing food items for freezing. We have completed the freezer cooler portion of the project and have some funds in hand to begin other improvements. Please assist us with completing this project.

Auto Mechanics Lab $38,000 $20,000 $18,000

The Harbert Hills auto mechanics class is probably the all time favorite for the young men and even some of the young ladies. The shop and its equipment and tools have been well used and reused over the years. There is a need to enclose the lift and to rebuild the paint booth. In addition we are needing to add a tire changing station and enhance the tool selection. Your gift will help students gain valuable experience and learn skills.

Campus Roads and Housing $95,000 $0 $95,000

The need for major maintenance for several of our staff houses cannot be ignored. Most of the homes were built in the 50’s and 60’s. In addition campus paving or repaving is needed. Please consider a generous gift to assist us with improving the Harbert Hills Academy campus.

Cafeteria Addition and Remodel $80,000 $25,000 $55,000

With the increase in number of students the cafeteria is in need of an addition to provide additional seating and eating space. The remodel of the current space and kitchen area is underway and needs to be completed as well. Your gift to this much-needed project will be a blessing to the students and staff as well as the cooks. Thank you.

Greenhouse Industry $75,000 $0 $75,000


Since the first students arrived on campus in 1956 Harbert Hills Academy has always had an agriculture component to our education program.


It is our desire to strengthen this aspect of the program by adding a significant greenhouse operation.


This will allow us to lengthen the growing season on both ends to take advantage of having produce early and late. The greenhouse operation will allow us to intensively produce vegetables for our own use as well as market vegetables to our local and extended community. Harbert Hills Academy and Nursing Home together spend about $250,000 on food and serve about 125,000 meals each year.


This endeavor is to put about 25,000 square feet of greenhouses into operation. This will produce more than we can eat of all major vegetables as well as allow us to have a supply for the local market.

Worthy Student Scholarships $35,000 $25,000 $10,000

Each year students and their families work and sacrifice to give their children a chance to have a Christian Education. Often though their resources are just to limited and they need a helping hand. Your gift will make a real difference for these deserving families and their children.